Beginner’s Guide to Spearfishing in San Diego

Spearfishing San Diego

Introduction to Spearfishing at Coronado Islands

For beginners, the Coronado Islands serve as an excellent introduction to spearfishing. Located just off the coast of San Diego, it will only take you about 45 minutes from the dock to get there. These islands boast cool underwater structures and an abundance of fish, making them a perfect starting point for those new to the sport.

Why Choose Coronado Islands for Spearfishing?

The shallow waters around the Coronados make it an ideal spot for those new to spearfishing, providing a chance to practice skills and spot various species in a relatively safe environment. On these trips, you can have the chance to shoot White Seabass, California Yellowtail, California Sheephead, Calico Bass, Bonito, and Barracuda.

Full-Day Trips for the Adventurous Spearfisher

Offshore Diving Experience

For those seeking a more adventurous experience, full-day trips are an excellent option. Offshore diving offers a unique environment to test your spearfishing skills. We highly recommend you are comfortable with diving up to 40ft. On these trips, we will look for floating offshore kelps, which hold a diverse ecosystem that attracts game fish such as California Yellowtail and Mahi-Mahi.

Explore San Clemente Island’s Spearfishing Spots

Dive into Clear Waters and Giant Fish

San Clemente Island, a bit further offshore at about a 2-hour run from the dock, is known for its clear waters and giant fish. An experienced diver who can dive depths up to 60 feet can unlock everything the island has to offer. However, even newer divers can also shoot huge fish in 15ft of water! At the island, you can target White Seabass, California Yellowtail, California Sheephead, Calico Bass, Bonito, and Barracuda.

Level Up Your Game with Bluefin Tuna Diving

The Challenge and Reward of Bluefin Tuna

For those looking to level up their spearfishing game, Bluefin Tuna diving in San Diego is an exhilarating option. Bluefin are powerful and fast, making them a challenging yet rewarding target for spearfishers. Offshore tuna diving typically requires more experience and skill, so it’s recommended for those who have mastered the basics.

The Thrill of the Hunt

On these trips expect to travel up to 3 hours one way to find massive Bluefin. Once on the grounds, you’ll get suited up and ready to go. Fins on, gun loaded, and on the back of the boat. Once we find the Tuna, Captain Sam will tell you to dive, you take your last breath and plunge in. Tuna can be as shallow as 20 feet and as deep as 60 feet. After lining up on a nice Bluefin, the fight is on. A larger fish up to 300 pounds can take the float down for almost a minute! Smaller fish in the 40-100 pound class will battle but not take the float down.

Celebrating Your Catch

You will have an experienced diver in the water helping you to secure your fish of a lifetime. Once in the boat, take some pictures and get ready to enjoy some fresh sashimi!

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